Parent Consultation 

Often I can help children, never needing to meet with them directly.   I provide consultation to parents on ways that they can help their children.  Though I do have many ideas about what can help children, I don't see myself as the person with the answers.  Parents know their children so much better than I do.   Instead, I value the conversation I can have with parents. When parents feel overwhelmed with their children's difficulties it can be very useful to feel that there is someone else "in it" with them.  Having a place where is is safe for a parent to express his/her emotions about a child can be very valuable.  I find that together we are able to come up with creative solutions.


Consultation for Professionals 

I have more than 20 years experience in the field and have supervised numerous trainees at different programs and provided consultation to licensed mental health professionals. I believe that ongoing consultation is crucial for any clinician.  There is no need to go it alone.  Strict confidentiality is upheld when discussing patients. A consultant on the outside may be able to see what someone inside the therapeutic couple cannot.  I bring the full range of my experience to a consultee and greatly enjoy offering my help in this way.